Put your records on and do something with your hair...

Ambitious, but rubbish.

like Lazarus, hungry for this.
23 March 1991
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"Lucid, and up to a point compelling, but if you reached a conclusion it escaped me."
Dakin, The History Boys

Hello internet! Welcome to my livejournal. Pull up a chair, grab a cookie. Listen to my ramblings.

Perhaps one day I'll figure out the logistics and finances of acquiring a journal without adverts filling every corner and a colour scheme ripped straight from the seventies, but for now, this is my lj-home. I have curly hair. I'm very almost a university student. I type everything out in full. I like to write (when motivation strikes, which isn't often enough, sadly), I like Torchwood and Doctor Who, I like British comedy, I like Tae Kwon Do, I like vintage jazz and the music of two generations before me. I like you.

My favourite team-mates on this great medium and beyond:


WORSHIP THEM. They bring great goodness to the world. I'll add more about them soon.