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The fact is, you take all the shit that goes with your new experiences because you just know it will all be worth it in the end. Even if it turns out that it was a huge bummer and you'd never do it again - AT LEAST YOU TRIED. That was what kept me going - the knowledge that if I hadn't done it, I'd never have known. And, of course, the outcome was that my two years in Indonesia remains among the most precious years of my life. Believe me, whatever crap you're going through, it will have been worthwhile in the end. As for your relationships with others - well, I sympathise there too because I never found it that easy to make friends. My own philosophy there emerged from a very sound fellow I worked with called Don Wills. Don was a New Zealander who had married an Indonesian woman who was a widow with two small children. He had fallen in love with Indonesia and gone native, though he used to fly wife and children back to New Zealand to visit the dentist! Anyway, he used to tell me that the old Maori way was that you always have to look for the good in people. Human relationships are difficult, especially when you are all crowded together, and people will always piss you off. However, you must always remember that there is something good in everyone and that is the piece you have to look for. Then you will be a friend to everyone. And Don Wills was. No one had a bad word for him, and everyone admired him. I was never as good as Don Wills, but I always remember his philosophy and try to put it in practice - especially at work.

I love my Dad, and I miss him. I'll be home soon enough, but I still do. That's all I can really say without welling up.
Laughing like a couple of twats

RIP Ada the dog.

I should probably post about the election debate but screw it, I tweeted all the way through it, along with most of my comedy heroes, and some of you lovely lot.

Anyway, I was on twitter just now and saw this sad message from Simon Pegg:

Just heard the very sad news that Ada who played Colin the dog in Spaced, passed a way at the grand old age of 13. Have fun next door Ada.x

Whether that counts as sad news to you or not, it made me a little melancholy; Ada is a symbol of Spaced, after all, and it's a reminder of how long it's really been since we last saw it, and her.

RIP, little dog. Dance!
John Oliver says "Yikes!"

Cake or Death?

If you'd have told me this morning that, by this afternoon, I'd have met, talked to and hugged Eddie Izzard, I wouldn't have believed you at all.


Oh, what a great day. I saw a message this morning on Facebook saying he would be visiting the uni, canvassing for Labour, and, as you can imagine, got a tad excited. Seminar, an hour and a half waiting around and giggling with friends, and then!


He was lovely; there was a hell of a crowd there, but he talked and took questions, and was dapper and charming throughout. He broke off after a while, and a bit of a crowd surrounded him to get autographs; I hung back for a while (with my friend Aidan poking me with my copy of the Labour manifesto and saying "Get him to sign it! Get him to talk to Ros!"), until I could actually see him, when people were starting to disperse.

Amazingly, I managed to talk to him like a human being (although, inwardly, I was a raving lunatic, of course) - he signed my manifesto (as shoved forward by Aidan), and we had a little discussion about centralisation and the media, with me actually sounding like an intelligent human being rather than a squeeing idiot lying prostrate at his feet screaming "I LOVE YOU!".

And then, just like with James Moran, I plucked up the nerve to ask if he did hugs, and...YES! "A hug for a first-time voter!" as he said. He gives goooood hugs, that man. He was absolutely lovely.


Just had to get that out. Hurrah forever!
Laughing like a couple of twats

Guts and guns.

I found one with me in it!

The one in the hat, tweed coat and red shoes, near the left. Looking like a stupid bint, as always. But you see me start firing - and how brilliantly close to the action I was!

(The video's in sort-of-slo-mo, but...hurrah!)